Pump Air

Why is my charger case not receiving power?

Please try to charge your device with more than one charging accessory and multiple power sources. This will help determine the source of the fault. If you can replicate the same fault on a different charger/USB cable/power source, then please send us an email to care@blueantwireless.com & we will assist further

My Bluetooth keeps cutting out, when in my pocket, how can I fix this?

Please perform a device reset, I can suggest that if you're phone is going in your pocket to try in your right pocket & also to make sure that your Bluetooth antenna from your phone is facing up (this varies from model to model – so I highly suggest simple trial & error) Also does your phone have a case on it, this could also be blocking the Bluetooth signal If problems persist please contact us at care@blueantwireless.com

My ear buds are working in mono for music– how do I pair them?

Please turn off left & right earbuds at same time, and then turn on again until you hear a doing nose, followed by ‘Pair Me’ and then move your fingers from earbuds – at this point make sure phone is not trying to pair as we are trying to pair the earbuds together, after 5 seconds the earbuds should be paired together & please try the PUMP AIR and find through Bluetooth on your phone.

My ear buds are connecting whilst in charging case – why is this?

If charging case has no power, your earbuds will try and pair – if you don’t want them to please hold down right earbud for 5 seconds until you hear powering down

How do I pair to my smart watch?

Please disconnect for your phone and then go through the steps on your smart watch to pair when the PUMP AIR is in pairing mode.

I have lost my case/1 ear piece, can these be purchased separately?

Yes they can, please send us an email to care@blueantwireless.com & we can arrange this for you

How do I pair my Pump Air’s?

Make sure Pump Air is not connected to any device. Press and hold the right hand side command button to power off the Pump Air and then let go of the button and press and hold the button for 4 seconds until the light starts to flash rapidly, then pair the Pump to your phone. On your phone, go to settings > bluetooth > enable bluetooth > scan/search/add new devices > select BlueAnt Pump Air > pair.

How will we know if it is still charging or if charging the case is done?

Charging case has 4 white led that light up as it charges. The light stays lit when fully charged.
The ear buds have a light that comes on when charging and goes off when fully charged.

Will the white lights blink ? Will all the lights turn on/off ?

The charging case lights blink for the current 25% it is charging.
The ear buds light is on solid when charging and turns oFF when completely charged

How long is the charging time if connected to a wall outlet? to a computer?

The time to charge the charging case is approximately 1 hour, whether wall outlet or computer.
The ear buds take approximately 45 mins to charge from flat.

It seems that the package does NOT come with a wall charger?

There is no AC adaptor included with the product. 5V, 1A chargers are supported.

How long will the Pump Air turn off due to zero battery charge from the time that it announced that the battery is Low?

Battery very low warning come 10-15 mins before ear bud will turn off. This is dependent on the volume level of the music.

What is the difference between ComfortSeal tips and ComfortSeal Plus tips?

The comfortseal tips are like our standard ones and come in four sizes, extra small, small medium and large.
The comfortseal plus tips are flatter and come in three sizes, small , medium and large.

Can the music being listened to be reviewed backward? (as opposed to skip forward)

There is no skip backward function. There is only one button.
Single click – play/pause (both sides) answer/end (right side only)
Double click – skip forward (both sides)
Triple click – Siri/google activation (right side only)
Call audio only comes through right hand side.

It seems there is no Conference call function?

no, the focus is on music, this function can be done on phone.
Same for volume controls, this is done on phone.

Pump Zone

Can I clean my earcups?

Yes please remove ear cups from device & use a damp non-alcohol based wipe and gently wipe over, please allow to air dry

Can I purchase ear cups separately?

Yes these can be purchased separately or if you are still covered by warranty we can send these out free of charge – please email care@blueantwireless.com


Why wont my mini2 charge anymore?

Please ensure you plug the supplied USB cable into the Pump Mini2 & insert the other end into a charger or computer (5V/1A), a full charge takes around 30 minutes & the light will go solid once fully charged. If your Mini2 is not charging please try another USB cord & power source, if problems still persist please contact us at care@blueantwireless.com

How do I pair?

  • Hold lay until the light flashes
  • Search for devices on your phone
  • Select the BlueAnt Pump Mini 2
  • To connect another phone turn off the Mini2 & repeat these step

Please note the Mini2 will connect to one phone at a time to deliver the best possible sound

Commute 3

How do I reset my Commute3?

To Reset:

  • Delete any existing pairing information from your Phone and turn the phone off and turn it back on after a few seconds to refresh the phone's memory.
  • Make sure the USB cable is not plugged in and the Commute 3 is not connected to any phone.
  • ( Commute 3) From off, press and hold the On / Off button until the Bluetooth indicator turns blinking red/blue. (The kit is now on pairing mode.)
  • Please be patient because the Commute 3 has 12 languages and it will cycle all available language. But once you heard your preferred language, Short press the Volume Control when you hear your language.

How do I change the language?

Perform a reset on your Commute3, once you have turned your commute on it will instruct you to select your preferred language – there are 12 languages that you can select: British English, American English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese & Polish


Samsung Voice Command is working before but suddenly its gone. Its no longer working.

Unlock screen of your phone before you do the Voice Commands. If in any case, the device announces that the phone is not supported by Voice Dial Feature, you will need to contact the phone carrier since this is a common issue when the carrier do some updates.

Using my Supertooth 3, can I use voice activated dialing?

Yes. The Supertooth 3 supports voice activated dialling if your phone also supports this feature. Check your phones user manual for information on setting up this feature and how to record voice commands.

How do I pair & reset my Supertooth 3?

  • Delete any existing pairing information on your phone.
  • turn off ST3 then hold down the vol + and the green button at the same time.
  • the ST3 will play a loud siren.
  • release the button when the siren stops.
  • turn off the ST3 then turn it on again after a few seconds to complete the reset.
  • to pair it with your phone, turn off the ST3 then hold down the green button for 7 sec. until the light flashes blue and red.
  • on your phone, go to settings > bluetooth > enable bluetooth > scan/search/add new devices > select BlueAnt ST3 > pairphone should now be paired and connected.

How do I pair & reset my Q2/T1?

  • Delete any existing pairing information on your phone.
  • Reset the Q2 by doing one QUICK click on the Vol +, Vol - and Multifunction together at the same time (Multifunction button is the Button on the front of the device)
  • Make sure that the Q2 announces that it has been reset and in pair mode.
  • It is important that you QUICKLY hit all three buttons ( Vol +, Vol - & Main Button), then let go. Do not hold it down.

How do I pair & reset my Z9/Z9i?


  • Turn on the the BlueAnt device and make sure that its not connected to any phones.
  • Click all three buttons (Vol +, Vol -, BlueAnt button) together at the same time
  • make sure there is a blue light flashing rapidly


  • Turn off the blueant device then hold down the blueant button for 6 sec. until the blue light flashes rapidly.

Why does my bluetooth headset keeps on disconnecting?

Here are the most common reasons why a Bluetooth headset keeps disconnecting:


If the battery is not fully charged disconnections are more likely. Bluetooth headsets vary in how quickly the battery life runs out. When using a new headset, it is best to monitor how or if a low battery indicator hinders its effectiveness. It’s best to keep the device fully charged.


It’s possible that there is interference from another device. For example, some Bluetooth headsets, are capable of connecting to more than one device. If two users are attempting to use the same unit, the Bluetooth will interface with the primary connection first.


If the Bluetooth headset is not compatible with the device it’s trying to connect to, such as a cell phone, smartphone or PC, it will malfunction while in use.


There may be too many apps running in the background of the device the Bluetooth is attempting to pair with. Certain applications cause interference with the connection, and some devices are limited in the number of applications that can run concurrently.


Too much distance between the Bluetooth headset and the connected device can cause dropped connections. The maximum range  is 32 feet/10 meters. Try moving closer to the device you are connected to.

What is the firmware version installed in my bluetooth device?

To find out what firmware is installed on your BlueAnt device:

  • Go to your phone's Bluetooth menu and look at the list of paired devices.
  • The firmware version appears next to the name of your BlueAnt device.
  • For example, if your phone shows BlueAnt S4 v1.5 then you have version 1.5 of the S4 firmware installed on your BlueAnt S4.

Can I listen to music using my Q1?

Q1 will have A2DP feature via firmware update from v8.19 to v8.21

When I connect my iPhone to my BlueAnt and I use Google Maps, I keep getting message over the BlueAnt saying, "end of call". What should I do?

It appears to be a conflict with the profiles on your phone.

We suggest to try the following steps below to see if you can resolve this.

  • Check the software version of your iPhone and ensure that it is up to date.
  • If you are on the latest software, then you may need to refresh your Bluetooth connections by;
  • Remove/Unpair the current BlueAnt information from your iPhone's paired list.
  • Disable the Bluetooth on your iPhone and then power it completely OFF.
  • Reset your BlueAnt device. For further info on how to reset your device, please refer to your product manual. http://www.blueant.com.au/knowledge/manuals.php
  • Turn your iPhone back ON and then pair your device back to your phone.

Once your devices are reconnected again, give it another test to see if it helps resolved the issue.

If the same problem recurs, your last resort is to find another phone to test it on. This isolation test will determine whether if the problem is related to the phone or Bluetooth device.

How do I stream music from my computer using bluetooth?

Turn on the headset and Bluetooth dongle > right click on sound icon in your Taskbar > select Playback devices > then select the Headset and click on "Set default" option on beneath

"Is it possible to use the BlueAnt Ribbbon as a bluetooth remote and microphone, while listening through a pair of headphones plugged straight into my phone?"

The Ribbon has its own microphone and yes you can use it as a remote for skipping/playing the next track, forwarding the music...etc. using the headphone itself just like the ipod's headphones as long as its connected via Bluetooth, then yes you can control the audio with the ribbon.

The pairing list is full. What should I do?

If you hear the message "The Pair List Is Full" when attempting to pair your phone with your BlueAnt device, this means that your BlueAnt device has run out of space for storing new pairing information.

To resolve this issue, simply reset your BlueAnt device.

Resetting your BlueAnt device will delete all stored pairing information and other data and put your device into pairing mode.

How do I keep my earbuds from falling out?

To keep earbuds from falling out, try different sizes, purchase accessories or wear items that might force the earbud to stay in your ear.Insert your earbuds properly. Pull the top of one of your ears up with your fingers to open up your ear's opening. While holding the ear up, place the earbud securely in your ear and release the ear. Repeat with the other side.Remove the earbud cover and replace it with a larger cover. We supply small, medium and large size ear gel anyway.Place a headband or tight hat over your ears to keep your earbuds in.Place the earbud marked "L" in your left ear and the earbud marked "R" in your right ear.Purchase an accessory that attaches to the earbud and fits over and behind your ear to keep your earbuds in.

How do I reset the Q3i?

Resetting the Q3i will clear all the stored pairing settings, reset the volume orientation to the default and put the device back into pairing mode.

To reset the Q3i:

  1. Delete any existing pairing information from your phone and turn the phone off and back on again to clear the phone memory.
  2. Make sure the Q3i is switched on but not connected to any phones.
  3. Hold down the Command button and Vol + together for about 5 seconds.
  4. The Q3i will announce that it has been reset.
  5. Now use the hardware switch to turn the Q3i off and back on again. You will now need to pair your phone with the Q3i again.