PUMP Zone Wireless HD Audio Headphones

BlueAnt PUMP Zone
Over Ear Wireless Headphones

HD Audio and mega bass for enhanced sound purity allow you to switch on and zone out

The BlueAnt Pump Zone wireless over ear headphones deliver over 30 hrs of HD playback with Mega Bass and enhanced sound purity allow you to switch on and zone in.

Design, Comfort and Sound

With its robust encasing, stealth like appearance and deluxe comfort ear cups, the Pump Zone offers an understated yet stylish headphone purpose built for those who like it full of bass and loud.

Extended Battery Life and HD Audio

Featuring the best-in-class wireless range, an impressive 30hrs of HD audio playback and call capabilities with 1 touch controls the Pump Zone offers the best in powerful, untethered training.

  • Wireless HD Over-ear headphones
  • Mega Bass – HD Audio
  • 30hrs Play Time
  • Sweat-proof. IP54 antimicrobial components
  • Deluxe Ear Cups - Enhanced sound delivery
  • One Touch Control - Call, track and volume
  • Wideband Microphone call capabilities
  • Siri/Google Integration
  • Folding Design Convenient storage
  • Carry Case - Durable, safe storage
  • Bluetooth 4.1 - Connection with any Bluetooth phone
Pump Zone

Pump Zone
Black and Grey

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Pump Zone

Pump Zone
Black Rose Gold

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Pump Zone Features


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