x2 portable
powerful sound

A portable Bluetooth® speaker with advanced DSP technology

The BlueAnt X2 portable speaker is capable of producing bass that even much larger speakers fail to deliver. This is achieved through the use of psycho acoustics and passive radiators. With over 90dB SPL of immersive sound and powerful psycho-acoustic bass extension you can feel, the X2 delivers deep rich lows paired with a highly dynamic sound range for the most sophisticated stereo spatial listening experience possible.

  • Advanced Grammy Award winning DSP software
  • Expertly Tuned by Studio Engineers
  • Customized Equalisation
  • Patented psycho-acoustic bass extension for deeper richer lows
  • Crystal, clear high frequency enhancement
  • Surgically precise paragraphic equalizer
  • Sophisticated dynamics compensation for increased volume without artefacts
  • Intelligent volume stabilizers for smooth output levels
  • Stereo Spatial enhancement providing users the best seat in the house

X2 Black

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X2 Red

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X2 Blue

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x2 Features

Powerful 20 Watt
Bluetooth® Speaker
IP56 Splashproof
Bluetooth® 4.2 &
Aux 3.5mm Playback
Up to 12hrs
Play Time
Simple One
Touch Controls
2 x 45mm Drivers,
2 x passive Radiators