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Pump Zone


Wireless Headphones

The BlueAnt Pump Zone wireless over ear headphones deliver over 30 hrs of HD playback with Mega Bass and enhanced sound purity allow you to switch on and zone in.

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Bass is the heartbeat of your music. Feel it pusling with the X2 radiators and patented psyco-acoustic bass extension for deeper, richer lows.

Advanced DSP Technology
Advanced DSP Technology

Advanced grammy award winning DSP software
Customized equalisation
Patented psycho-acoustic bass extension for deeper richer lows
Crystal, clear high frequency enhancement
Surgically precise paragraphic equalizer
Sophisticated dynamics compensation for increased volume without artefacts
Intelligent volume stabilizers for smooth output levels
Stereo spatial enhancement providing users the best seat in the house

Up to 12 Hours Play Time
Up to 12 Hours Play Time

Built in 2800 mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of playtime*

Double The Audio With Duo Mode
Double The Audio With Duo Mode

Simply pair two X2 for a wide stereo soundstage.