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Amplify Your Party
Regular price AUD $399 inc. GST
With over 110dB SPL of immersive sound and powerful psycho-acoustic bass extension you can feel, the X5 delivers deep rich lows, paired with a highly dynamic sound range for the most intensive party speaker for its size.
Audio Tuned By Studio Engineers
Regular price AUD $129 inc. GST

The X2 has been sound engineered by professional producers, using the same studio tools used to create the world’s greatest music, film and game soundtracks, giving you the power to enhance your listening experience on a consumer device like never before. 

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Regular price AUD $169 inc. GST
The BlueAnt Pump Air 2 True Wireless Microbuds are the world’s smallest and lightest True Wireless Microbuds.
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Grammy Award Winning DSP Software
Regular price AUD $99 inc. GST
The X1 includes innovative processors, designed to recreate the same magic produced in the recording studio, and to bring your sound to life.
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Regular price AUD $169 inc. GST

Pure comfort, deluxe antimicrobial sweat-proof ear cups and a combination of lightweight plastic and aluminium construction provide a durable and stylish framework for delivering pure sound clarity. The Pump Soul offers a secure, comfortable fit for either leisure or intense gym workouts.

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    Regular price AUD $299 inc. GST

    The BlueAnt Burleigh speaker is capable of producing 100dB+ SPL output of high quality audio, while delivering the most dynamic audio powerful bass, rarely experienced in a portable speaker of its size and weight.