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X6 BlueAnt Bluetooth Party Speaker
Blueant X2i Bluetooth Speaker
Blueant X0i Portable Bluetooth Speaker
<img src="" class="svg-image"><br>Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

<img src="" class="svg-image"><br>Bluetooth Sound Bar

Bluetooth Sound Bar

<img src="" class="svg-image"><br>160-Watt Bluetooth Party Speaker

160-Watt Bluetooth Party Speaker

<img src="" class="svg-image"><br>Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones


I doubt you’ll find a better Bluetooth speaker in this price range.

Thomas Bartlett, Gadget Guy

It's extremely easy to use and offers much better sound quality and longer battery life than a lot of other speakers in this price range

Sarah Brandon, Finder

When it comes to wire free earphones, the ideal scenario would be a smaller earphone that still produces a big sound and the BlueAnt Pump Air 2 Wireless Microbuds fit that description.

Stephen Fenech, Tech Guide