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Portable Speakers

Regular price AUD $199 inc. GST

A Powerful speaker with bass you can feel

The BlueAnt X-3D portable speaker beings your music to life with powerful audio in a small package. The 20W speaker is designed to deliver thumping bass and quality audio with BlueAnt’s signature audio tuned by studio engineers.

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Regular price AUD $279 inc. GST

Advanced portable speaker technology – hear every note

Step into the future of audio power, active speaker technology and immersive sound with the BlueAnt X-3D MAX. With four active speaker drivers, each driven by their own dedicated and optimized amplifier channel, the 40 watt X-3D MAX redefines portable audio and delivers pristine sound.

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Booming Audio With 
Deep Bass

Regular price AUD $249 inc. GST
With booming audio output, enhanced clarity and powerful bass you can feel, the highly portable X3i Bluetooth speaker delivers deep rich lows paired with a highly dynamic and room filling soundstage.
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Even Bigger Sound 
In A Small Package

Regular price AUD $69 inc. GST
The BlueAnt X0i Mini portable Bluetooth speaker delivers outstanding audio and industry leading battery life for its size. 
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Grammy Award Winning DSP Software
Regular price AUD $99 inc. GST
The BlueAnt X1i portable speaker is capable of producing outstanding bass and fully dynamic audio through the use of psycho acoustics and passive radiators.
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Audio Tuned By Studio Engineers
Regular price AUD $149 inc. GST
The BlueAnt X2i delivers deep rich lows and crystal clear highs for a stellar sound that sparkles.
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