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How do I pair the Burleigh?

Turn the Burleigh on by pressing the power button on the end, the Burleigh will announce “Bluetooth” and the light on the back will flash to signal the Burleigh is in pairing mode. On your phone or source device search for and select the BlueAnt Burleigh.

How long is the play time on the Burleigh?

The play time depends on the volume, type of music and distance from the source device but you should be able to get up to 20 hrs of play time.

How long does it take to charge the Burleigh?

The Burleigh takes about 3.5 hrs to charge using the supplied AC charger as this is a 3A rapid charger, it will take a lot longer when using a computer’s USB port. The lights on the end will flash when charging and go solid when charging is complete.

What is the IP rating of the Burleigh?

The Burleigh is IP54, splashproof.

How many drivers does the Burleigh have?

The Burleigh has four drivers and two passive radiators.

How many Watts is the Burleigh?

The Burleigh is 40 Watts.

What Bluetooth version is the Burleigh?

The Burleigh is Bluetooth version 4.2

What do the 4 lights on the end of the Burleigh mean?

These show the battery level remaining in the Burleigh, 25% charge per light.

Does the Burleigh have a microphone?

Yes, the Burleigh has a built-in microphone so you can take calls or use it with Siri/Google. Simply double click play to activate or cancel Siri/Google.

What is the range of the Burleigh?

This depends on interference and the source device but it is possible to have a 30 metre range.

How many devices can the Burleigh connect to at the same time?

The Burleigh connects to one source device at a time.

How do I disconnect my Burleigh to change source device?

Press and hold the play button for about 8 seconds and the Burleigh will announce “disconnected”, then connect your other device.

How do I answer and end or reject calls on the Burleigh?

Press the play button to answer a call.

Press the play button when on a call to end the call.

To reject a call either double click the play button or press and hold the play button for about 2 seconds when you have an incoming call.

How do I change the volume on the Burleigh?

Click or press and hold the plus button to turn up the volume.

Click or press and hold the minus button to turn down the volume.

Everytime you turn on the Burleigh the volume defaults back to 25%.

How do I skip tracks on the Burleigh?

Click the skip forward button on the end to skip forward a track.

Click the skip backward button on the end to skip backward a track.

How do I use the Burleigh with an AUX cable?

Press the Mode button on the end to switch to AUX mode.

Please ensure you have plugged in the AUX cable.

When using AUX cable the speaker can only control the speaker volume and not the source volume or tracks.

How do I reset the Burleigh?

Please press and hold the play button for 30 seconds.

This will reset the Burleigh.

Can I use my Burleigh with my computer or laptop?

  • To use the Burleigh via Bluetooth with your computer or laptop your computer must support A2DP for music playback.
  • To use the microphone on the speaker your computer must support HFP or HSP.
  • To check what is supported on your computer please check with your computer or laptop manufacturer.
  • When using your Burleigh via AUX cable only playback is supported.
  • Control of the music is done on your computer.
  • Volume on the speaker only controls the speaker and not the source volume.

How do I use a MicroSD card with the Burleigh?

  • Put your music onto your MicroSD card and then insert the MicroSD card into the Burleigh’s MicroSD card slot.
  • The Burleigh supports FAT 32 format and the music files can be MP3, WAV, APE or FLAC.
  • MicroSD cards upto 32GB are supported.
  • To change to MicroSD card mode please press the Mode button on the end.
  • The Burleigh will remember which track was played last and start form there.

How I change back to Bluetooth mode on the Burleigh?

Press the mode button on the end and the Burleigh will cycle through Bluetooth, Aux and MicroSD card modes.

What are the EQs on the Burleigh?

The Burleigh has 3 different EQS and you can swap between them by pressing the EQ button on the end.
  • Standard is the default EQ when you power on the Burleigh, this is the loudest EQ.
  • Bass Boost EQ with enhance the Bass.
  • Movies EQ enhances the dialogue so you can hear it better.