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Pump Zone

Pump Zone

How do I pair my Pump Zone’s?

  • Make sure you Pump Zone’s are turned off
  • Press and hold the Play/Pause button for 5 seconds
  • Search for devices on your phone
  • Select ‘BlueAnt Pump Zone’

Can I clean my earcups?

Yes please remove ear cups from device & use a damp non-alcohol based wipe and gently wipe over, please allow to air dry, then click back into place.

Can I purchase ear cups separately?

Yes these can be purchased separately – please visit

All Pump Zone headphones have the same size ear cups.

Can I use my Pump Zone with my computer, laptop or tablet?

To use the Zone via Bluetooth with your computer/laptop/tablet your device must support A2DP for music playback.

To use the microphone on the Zone your computer/laptop/tablet must support HFP or HSP. To check what is supported on your computer please check with your computer/laptop/tablet manufacturer.

To connect to your Computer/Laptop/Tablet:

  • Please disable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Then power on the Pump Zone by holding the play button and keep holding the button until the light starts flashing blue rapidly, this is pairing mode.
  • Then on the computer/laptop/tablet add a Bluetooth device and select the Zone.
  • Once the Zone is connected you can re-enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • To switch back to phone use please disable Bluetooth on your computer/laptop/tablet and select the Zone on your phone.
  • Once the Zone is connected to your phone you can re-enable Bluetooth on your computer/laptop/tablet.

When using your Zone via AUX cable only audio playback is supported, not the microphone.

Control of the music is done on your computer/laptop/tablet when using AUX.

Volume on the speaker only controls the speaker and not the source volume.