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Pump Air

Pump Air

How do I pair my Pump Air’s?

  • Place the Pump Air into the charging case to turn it off.
  • Take the Pump Air out of the charging case and it will power on and the right ear bud will say “pair me”.
  • On your phone, go to settings > Bluetooth® > enable Bluetooth® > scan/search/add new devices > select BlueAnt Pump Air.

You should now be paired.

Only one of my earbuds are working for music, how do I fix this?

Sometimes the left and right ear buds can become disconnected from each other.

This is simple to fix so you can get back to listening in both ears. Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  • Please plug the charging case in to charge and place both Pump Air’s into the charging case.
  • Make sure your Pump Air ear buds are both charged.
  • Delete the Pump Air pairing from your phone and then turn Bluetooth® off on your phone.
  • Take the Left Pump Air and place it in your ear, press and hold the button until the ear bud says “powering down” and let go of the button. Now press and hold the button again until the ear bud says “Pair me” then left go of the button. The light should be flashing blue rapidly. Place the left ear bud in front you, not in the case.
  • Take the Right Pump Air and place it in your ear, press and hold the button until the ear bud says “powering down” and let go of the button. Now press and hold the button until the ear bud says “Pair me” then let go of the button. the light should be flashing rapidly. Place the right ear bud near the left ear bud.
  • The Pump Air's will now reconnect the left and right hand sides. This may take up to 1 minute. The lights will stop flashing rapidly when they have connected to each other.
  • If they do not connect to each other then please start this process again.
  • After they have reconnected place the Pump Air's back into the charging case.
  • Now turn Bluetooth® on your phone back on and search for devices.
  • Take just the right Pump Air ear bud out of the charging case and select the Pump Air on your phone.
  • After the right ear bud has connected to your phone please remove the left ear bud form the charging case and it will automatically connect to the right one.

Now you should be able to listen to music on both ear buds again.

If problems persist please contact us at

I can only hear calls on the right hand side, why is this?

Music will come through both ear buds. Calls will only come through the right ear bud.

How can I get the best, possible Bluetooth® connection with my Pump Air’s?

The antenna in the Pump Air that connects to your phone is in the right hand ear bud so it is best to have your phone on the right hand side of your body.

If your phone is in your pocket and you experience any connectivity issues please try changing to another pocket, preferably front right, or changing the position of your phone as the Antenna in the phone may be at the other end, top or bottom, depending on phone model.

If your phone has a case on it, this could also be blocking the Bluetooth® signal, so see if removing the case solves the issue.

If problems persist please contact us at

My ear buds are connecting whilst in charging case – why is this?

When the charging case runs out of charge the Pump Air turns on and try to connect to your phone. Please plug in the charge case to stop this occurring. A full charge only takes one hour. If you can’t charge your charging case at this time please press and hold the button on each ear bud until they say “powering down”.

How do I pair to my smart watch?

Please place your Pump Air into the charging case and turn off Bluetooth® on your phone. Then go through the Bluetooth® pairing steps on your smart watch t search for device to add. Please remove the Pump Air from the charging case and they will say “Pair me”. Now select the Pump Air on your smart watch.

Can I buy replacement spare part?

Yes you can, we sell left & right earbuds & charging cases separately. Please visit

Can I use one earbud to make calls and hear music?

Yes, please use the right ear bud for Mono use. Please note during phone calls only the right earbud is used.

Are the Pump Air’s compatible with my phone?

The Pump Air should be compatible with most Bluetooth® enabled phones. The phone needs to support A2DP in order for music playback to work and Handsfree and/or Headset profile in order for calls to work. Generally, all Bluetooth® devices should be able to connect to most modern phones. Any Bluetooth® version over 1.2 should be backwards compatible.

Why is my charger case not receiving power?

Please plug the charging case into a 5V 1A power supply using the supplied microusb cable. If this does not charge your charging case please try another charging cable or another power supply to determine if there is a fault with the cable or power supply.

If you can replicate the same fault using a different microusb cable and power supply , then please send us an email to we will assist further

Can I use my Pump Air with my computer, laptop or tablet?

To use the Pump Air via Bluetooth with your computer/laptop/tablet your device must support A2DP for music playback.

To use the microphone on the Air your computer/laptop/tablet must support HFP or HSP.

To check what is supported on your computer please check with your computer/laptop/tablet manufacturer.

To connect to your Computer/Laptop/Tablet:

  • Please disable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Then take the right ear bud out of the charging case.
  • The ear bud will say pair me.
  • Then on the computer/laptop/tablet add a Bluetooth device and select the Pump air.
  • Once the Air is connected you can take the left ear bud out of the charging case and it will connect to the right bud.
  • You can now re-enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • To switch back to phone use please disable Bluetooth on your computer/laptop/tablet and select the Air on your phone.
  • Once the Air is connected to your phone you can re-enable Bluetooth on your computer/laptop/tablet.